Caves of Onferno – Hotel Loretta Cervia & Dépendance “Casa Zoffoli”

Are you ready to spend a day among bats and the absolute darkness of a cave?
Go to the caves of Onferno!

Just 45 km from Cervia, you will find this spectacle of nature: the Caves of Onferno.

The territory that hosts them is, to say the least, enchanting. It doesn’t even seem to be a few kilometres from the sea.
In fact, they are part of a large natural park of selenic gypsum formation, in the area of Valconca, in the province of Rimini (municipality of Gemmano), an ideal destination for lovers of trekking. There are many footpaths, including the path of Our Lady of Rain and the path of the Beech (more than 120 hectares with rich vegetation and the presence of many wild animals).

Where does the name “Onferno” come from?
Guess what.
“Castrum Inferni” was the ancient name of the village of Onferno, perched on the hills of the Conca Valley.
The name was due to the steam smoke, which occurred in winter, giving the territory the appearance of a hell. The phenomenon was due to the difference in temperature between the inside of the caves and the outside.
Only in 1810 the bishop Gualfardo gave the name of Onferno to make the satanic idea linked to the territory disappear.

The exploration of the cave took place in 1916 by Lodovico Quarina, who went up the cave from the spring to the sink.

The cave and its bats
The caves of Onferno, with their 70 meters of depth, were born from the waters of an underground stream that digging for millennia, has dug and created spaces in the rocks.

They are also known to house the largest colony of bats (over eight thousand!) in the country.  At least 6 different species.

Excursion to the caves
The visit to the caves, with the guidance of qualified personnel, involves the descent into the woods along a first external path, which from an altitude of about 300 meters goes down into the woods to 196, where you meet the access to a real underground canyon, along which you can admire beautiful environments.
Walking along the main canal created by the water you can see, among other things, everywhere the sparkling chalk crystals, ceilings and walls polished and chiselled by the ancient flow of the stream and numerous concretions of limestone.
The route crosses salt and bottlenecks and the presence of several entrances to the underground environment favours excellent ventilation.

Recommended price and clothing
Full admission €9.00 / reduced €7.00 (up to 12 years and over 65) Duration: about 90′ – Recommended comfortable clothing, hiking shoes or boots with tapered soles, a lightweight waterproof jacket (inside the cave the temperature is about 12 ° C throughout the year).

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