Markets in Cervia and surroundings – Hotel Loretta Cervia & Dépendance “Casa Zoffoli”
Are you a shopper too?
Are you always looking for business and typical products?
Great news for you.
In Cervia in summer every day there are many markets waiting for you.

Here are the ones I go to often and recommend.

Monday night: 
– Milano Marittima: from 18.00 to 23.45
It is located in the center, near the gully, at the 1st crossroads.

Tuesday night:

-Pinarella: from 18.00 to 23.45
A few steps from our hotel, at the end of the seafront and the beginning of the pine forest of Pinarella.
I personally recommend it for beachwear. There are a lot of them at prices. If you bring your children and husband with you, you will keep them good with the stalls of candy and crunchy almonds and the games room next to the market 🙂

Wednesday night:

-Cervia: Piazza Garibaldi
I recommend it for antiques enthusiasts.
I personally buy mainly earrings style “Vintage”.

-Pinarella: from 18 to 23
In Viale Emilia and Viale Italia. It’s a market of handicrafts and hobbies where you can also find typical food products of Romagna.

Thursday morning:
– Cervia: from about 7.45 to 12.
I suggest you make an effort and go there early. Both for the temperature and for the people.
It may be a good idea to go by bike or bus to avoid the problems of parking.
This market is a must. It’s huge and you’ll find everything.
From clothing (there are so many stalls in local shops), to shoes, from culinary products to typical products. Leave the men to the beach 😀

Thursday night:
-Service: from 18 to 23.45
This is my favorite. Not so much for the stalls (which however there are many), but rather for the location.
It is located at the end of the promenade of Cervia, at the height of the port. I am always fascinated by the atmosphere that is created. Most of the restaurants make live music with all the traditional Romagna songs.

Friday night:
-Service: from 6 p.m. to 11.45 p.m.
It is located in the main street of Cervia, Viale Roma.

Saturday morning:
-Cesena: from 7.45 a.m. to about 1 p.m.

About 18 km from Cervia.
If a cloudy morning should happen to you, I recommend this market. It’s really big.
If you have patience, they do business.

Sunday night: 
…Better spend some time with your boyfriend or husband 😀

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Victoria, daughter of the owners of the Hotel Loretta & Dépendance.

In summer I take care of the restaurant, bar and secretarial services.
I really like trekking, dancing and good food from Romagna. I will be happy to give you all the advice on what to do in Cervia and its surroundings.


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