Bertinoro: this is what you absolutely must see

Bertinoro: this is what you absolutely must see

Bertinoro: the city of hospitality with medieval charm.
Here is what you absolutely must see.


It’s 10.30 am and after a relaxing and energizing breakfast at the Hotel we are ready for another trip together 🙂

I am really happy to accompany you today.
Let’s go and discover a pearl of Romagna where you can really breathe the true hospitality of Romagna and, the beautiful thing is that it is really close to Cervia.
It does not take long to reach the hotel; 25 km of trails surrounded by nature.

We decided to go on a Vespa 🙂
Fun guaranteed!!!

Direction >>> BERTINORO!!!

With our sandwiches in the backpack, prepared by the hotel, and our camera we are very ready.

In vespa is really something else; we can focus on details that we’d catch less in the car.
And then the summer breeze in our hair really gives us a feeling of freedom!

We arrive very soon to the first hills of Romagna and we are immediately fascinated by nature and landscapes that we meet.
Vines, sunflowers, wheat fields, olive trees, poppies, fruit trees … WHAT I FANTASTEN! we decide to stop and take some photos!

We decide to go towards the Rocca di Bertinoro, which we discover to be a stage of the “Circuito Castelli & Rocche” of Romagna.
Here we immediately notice a WONDERFUL view all over Romagna. WOW!
We take one of the many paths that start from here and we immerse ourselves in the silence of nature.

After having lunch with our sandwiches with the whole Romagna in front of us we get back in the wasp and this time we go to find out why Bertinoro is so called and above all why it is so famous for its wines.

Direction >> CANTINA “CELLI” 

In this beautiful winery, we start to taste some local wines and buy a few bottles of Sangiovese, Pagadebit (resistant, productive and therefore profitable vine, hence the name) and Albana, to give to friends.

But the doubt remains.
Why is Bertinoro so called?
Kindly the owner explains the reason.

Legend has it that Galla Placidia, daughter of Emperor Theodosius, passing through these places, tasted a wine served in a humble cup and said: “not of such a crude cup you are worthy, or wine, but to drink you in gold”, hence the name of the city.

It’s 5 p.m., let’s get back on our two wheels and go towards the center.
Before we arrive, however, we decide to take advantage of the sun and take a tour of the hills.

We climb Mount Maggio and we are fascinated by the peace of these places: among other things, we discover the remains of a Capuchin monastery, a well and what used to be the vegetable garden.

Among these hills, which are the backdrop to the Nove Colli cycling race and where Francesca da Rimini was born – whose love for Paolo Malatesta is narrated in Dante’s V canto dell’Interno – we are struck by a church with a very simple facade.

We discover that it is the parish church of Polenta. Here Dante prayed there during his exile and also mentioned it in the Divine Comedy.


At 6 p.m. here we are in the historical center of Bertinoro.

We leave the wasp in Piazza della Libertà and we are also impressed by the breathtaking view of the hills and the sea!
That’s why it is also called the “Balcony of Romagna”.
In the center of the square we notice a column, called hospitality (from 1212 – 1218): every time a stranger set foot in Bertinoro, in fact, the 12 noble families of the place vigorously contended for his hospitality. So it was decided to put an end to these quarrels.

The column was equipped with 12 rings, as many as the families, so that the stranger, attaching his horse to a ring at random, unconsciously chose the family that would have to host him.

Let’s take a tour in the historical center and then we decide to relax with a dinner in one of the most beautiful restaurants in Romagna: la ca’ de Bè.

After our dinner with this unique view, we return to Cervia happy for having spent a special day.

Thank you for spending another beautiful day with me!

Ps. Going to Bertinoro by bike is another MUST to do.

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