Valmarecchia: the valley of charm suspended in time

Valmarecchia: the valley of charm suspended in time

Valmarecchia: a not-to-be-missed tour for Romagna!!

“A place where the sound of green waves reaches your ear and gives you a sense of infinity” (Tonino Guerra)

Today we have fun!!!
Are you ready for this incredible tour?

Let’s set the alarm clock early (excuse the early riser!) to enjoy the day at the top!
We recharged the batteries with breakfast Made “Hotel Loretta” and we’re ready!!!

Ps. This is a spectacular tour to do with a guide (I’ll organize it all, don’t worry – you don’t have to think about anything! – 🙂 ) 


We will meet parks and nature reserves able to surprise us, along paths and underground caves where you can surrender to the charm of unspoiled nature, rich in colors, sounds and vitality to leave for a moment the beaches and umbrellas.

We begin our tour with one of the oldest republics in the world… SAN MARINO!


61 kmq, is one of the smallest states in Europe.
In 2008 the historic center and Mount Titano on which it stands became part of UNESCO.

CURIOSITY – Why is it called that?
According to legend, it was founded in 301 A.D. by a stonemason named Marino who, having come from Dalmatia to escape religious persecution, founded a small Christian community on Mount Titano.
Before he died, the saint greeted his people saying “I leave you free from both men” referring to the pope and the emperor and thus decreed the independence of the community.

Let’s take a short tour and be impressed by the breathtaking view of Romagna, its squares, fortifications and stone palaces.
– Ps. I will talk to you about what to visit in more detail and the Experiences I recommend you to do, in the next article –

We leave San Marino in the late morning to go to VERRUCCHIO and SAN LEO.


We discover that most probably in Verrucchio, also known as the “cradle of the Malatesta”, this noble family originated; in fact it was here that Giovanni della Penna dei Billi, known as the “Malatesta”, laid the foundations of one of the most powerful dynasties of the Middle Ages, which for several centuries maintained power in various areas of Romagna.
We are also impressed here by the view and the landscape of the entire Riviera.
We decide to have an aperitif and taste the local products (wines, cheeses, cold cuts) at “La Madia Vini e Affini” inside the suggestive cave under the restaurant and we buy something to take home.

Before arriving in San Leo, we make a small detour to admire a landscape that is nothing short of fantastic.
From Tausano we go towards Monte San Severino: from here the panorama will range 360° over Valmarecchia, San Leo (right in front of us) and the Mazzocco Valley.
We walk along the Tausani Ridge, the Dolomites of Romagna, from which we will enjoy beautiful views from the Adriatic Sea to the Tuscan hinterland.
Here we promise to come back for a day of Full Immersion Trekking and get to San Leo on foot 🙂 We like the landscape too much!


A jewel, certainly one of the most beautiful villages in the Valmarecchia (and not only!).
We are immediately struck by the fortress with its mysterious and powerful charm, two Romanesque churches of rare beauty and the breathtaking view of the surrounding hills.
We decide to make a short visit to the Fortress, built on the mighty boulder of San Leo and prison of Cagliostro.

With VERY HUNGRY we go to a typical and cheap place that I love (10 km from San Leo): Restaurant La Locanda Dell’ambra di Talamello.
With a full “panza” we think better and we are ready for the last stages of our tour today.
At 20 minutes by car we arrive at…


Enclosed among the hills of Montefeltro, the same hills that are the background of the paintings of Piero della Francesca and Leonardo da Vinci, Pennabilli gives us a very strong emotion.
The Dalai Lama came here twice and was chosen by Tonino Guerra as a village to spend several years there.
Just think that for the village, Tonino, dedicated a poem every month and they are part of “I Luoghi dell’Anima”.

In 10 minutes we arrive in another gem…


The real gem of the Valmarecchia.
A real panoramic balcony from which we can admire Mount Carpegna, Pennabilli and the whole valley!
A beautiful and wild trekking route would take us towards Sant’Agata Feltria, famous for its truffles.
It would be beautiful to do it today, but unfortunately we don’t have much time.

We conclude our tour today with the icing on the cake.


Oh yes, here in Santarcangelo di Romagna (town of Tonino Guerra) we breathe just the essence of the village of Romagna: the characteristic alleys that climb up the hillside, the historical buildings, the houses with flowers on the windows, the restaurants that emanate the scents of the typical cuisine leave in our hearts a feeling of lightness.

But remain incredulous when I tell you that under Santarcangelo hides another underground city. 
Eh yes, under the Jupiter Hill (on which stands the village) in fact there are a series of cavities, shafts, tunnels and galleries that create a real labyrinth of 6 km arranged on 8 layers and consists of about 150 caves dug into the sandstone and clay!!!
In the past, thanks to the constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, they were used as warehouses and cellars for storing wine and then used during the Second World War as a refuge for the inhabitants.

We decide to take a guided tour in these wonders and take some photos.

Before dinner, we decide to stop at the Antica Stamperia Marchi, one of the oldest stores in Romagna, where we will admire the hand-carved pear wood moulds used to decorate fabrics and the mangle from 1644 still used today for ironing hemp and cotton fabrics.
I suggest you to take here the little present for your mother-in-law!!! 🙂

But now we are really hungry!
I love the Osteria “La Sangiovesa” for its dishes but especially for the huge charm and atmosphere of the rooms.
We decide to go there for dinner.
Next time I will take you to the restaurant “La Ferramenta”, promised 🙂

Let’s go back to Cervia.
How many wonderful and unforgettable things we saw today!

Thanks for travelling with me 🙂

PS: We will soon organize packages with wonderful experiences on our territory that we saw today.
Some examples?
– Motorcycle tours
– Ebike
– Guided Tours
– Photographic walks with a formidable group of kids

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