What to do in Romagna to relax.

What to do in Romagna to relax :)

What to do in Romagna to relax :)

What to do in Romagna that is very relaxing?


This first tour is dedicated to all those people who want to be at peace on holiday and have “RELAX!” as their only watchword.


What to do in Romagna (Tour “Vagabond”)

How many days will you give me? 🙂 
Shall we make it a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday? 



As soon as you arrive at the hotel, we can see it in your eyes, you want to leave the car in the car park and run straight to the beach.

As soon as you leave your suitcases, you rush with the last of your strength to the beach to have a “nap” as you have been dreaming of doing for a few weeks.
As soon as you arrive, we inform you that on Thursday morning there is also THE Romagna market par excellence and it is in Cervia.
You try to convince your partner to go but…nothing.
There is nothing to do. Shopping postponed (but only for the moment!).

For lunch you can’t wait to drink a cool sparkling wine accompanied by a spaghetti with clams and, why not, an excellent fried fish.
Finish with a refreshing (and digestive!) lemon sorbet.
The afternoon of the first day is dedicated to pure RELAXATION.
You sit in the shade of your beach umbrella reading your favourite book.
After a couple of hours (time to digest) you decide to take a dip in the sea in your pedalo.
Because yes, it really is a holiday 🙂

Decide to toast your first day of holiday with a fresh Aperol Spritz and some crunchy chips!

Back for a refreshing shower at the hotel, you change and take your bikes to the historic centre of Cervia. 
You take a short walk along the narrow streets of the village and then go to one of the most typical fish restaurants: La Pantofla.
On Thursdays there is also live music in this beautiful place. 
After a tasty and enjoyable dinner you decide to end this beautiful and relaxing day with a creamy ice cream among the stalls of the canal port.


After a good night’s sleep, come down for breakfast. 
How nice to wake up late and find all this “goodness” on the table! 


In the late morning you go to the beach and decide to take a nice walk to the port of Cervia: among other things, walking in the water, as well as being good for your circulation, also helps you firm up!
So it is a small effort that you decide to face anyway: it is worth it! 🙂

For lunch today you decide to stay light; a tuna salad, with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes accompanied by homemade piadina… is what you need 🙂

After relaxing for a couple of hours, you finally go sailing!
Through the hotel in fact you have booked a nice aperitif off the boat. 

The sun is beginning to set and its rays reflected in the water really make you dream and above all make you relax… completely!

How nice it is when we see you return to the hotel with smiles on your faces 🙂 

For dinner, on our suggestion, go to one of the typical restaurants par excellence in Romagna: Casa delle Aie.

The cappelletti with meat sauce are a real treat! 

In the evening you decide to have a cocktail in the luxurious clubs of Milano Marittima.

THIRD DAY (Saturday)

After a hearty breakfast, head back to the beach. 

The sun is known to put you in a good mood and is good for vitamin D 🙂 

Late in the morning, you decide to make your partner happy.
You give him a wonderful surprise. 
Take him out for Sup!
It’s a sport that’s really coming into fashion!

After a few Fantozzi-like falls (but it seemed easy!) you manage to keep your balance and have a great time. 

For lunch you decide to enjoy a piadina with rocket, squaquerone and crudo (the DOC one!) in the pinewood of Pinarella di Cervia.

How nice it is to be cool under the pine trees 🙂

Go back to the sea for a few hours and in the late afternoon decide to go for a sunset excursion to the Cervia saltpans.

It will be an experience you will always remember, it is really beautiful.


This time the gift is from him. 
He takes you to dine in one of the most “in” restaurants in Cervia along the canal port.

He’s booked the table you like: it completely overlooks the sea! 


Dedicated exclusively to relaxation by the sea.

After a delicious spaghetto allo scoglio, you return to the kiosk to pick up some piadina to take home and eat with friends, and you set off again.

A little melancholy but very happy for these three days spent together. 
You decide that you will surely come back to Romagna soon 🙂



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