What to visit in Romagna… unusual!

What to visit in Romagna… unusual!

If it is true that Romagna means fun, nightlife and art, Romagna also means unspoilt magical places and places that you would never, ever have imagined finding just a few kilometres from the crowded beaches.
Here is the tour we have devised for you.
Here is what to visit in Romagna that is completely unusual and not very touristy.

TOUR ” EXPERIENCE”  For very STRONG people 🙂

 FIRST DAY – Arrival in Cervia

After a morning’s rest at the seaside, we decide to enjoy a real piadina romagnola DOC,  under the majestic pines of the pine forest of Pinarella di Cervia, with a cold beer (here’s where I recommend you go, click here).

It’s just what you need to recharge your batteries and start our tour of Romagna full of…ADVENTURES!!!!

> BIKE AFTERNOON towards the Foce del Bevano: The Nature Reserve a stone’s throw from Ravenna

 It is surely one of the most beautiful routes to do by bike in Romagna. 

At sunset, we decide to take the electric boat towards the Foce del Bevano.

Once we reach the mouth of the Bevano it is no longer possible to continue by boat and we have to get off to see the beach inside the reserve.

On the way back to the boat, we deviate from our route by a very short distance. We stop about halfway to climb up one of the observation towers and admire the flamingos that animate the Po Delta Regional Park. A true spectacle of nature!!!

Other different types of excursions are possible once you reach the “Cubo Magico di Bevanella” visitor centre.

– on foot or by bike in the Classe Pinewood and near Ortazzo
– by electric boat or canoe to the Foce Bevano with an environmental guide (from 15 July to 31 October)
– guided excursion to the Ramazzotti Pinewood

Other services offered:

– guided tours on foot, by bike, electric boat and canoe
– educational activities and didactic paths for schools
– refreshment point with typical local products
– agricamping
– equipped didactic classroom
– canoe, bicycle and binoculars hire
– spaces for seminars, conferences, events and special initiatives
– outdoor garden with barbecue area
– bicigrill and bicipoint

After a beautiful sunset we return to Cervia for dinner (here are our favourite restaurants, click here).

Tramonto Club Bevanella - Hotel Loretta Cervia


We do not want to miss a single minute of our holiday in Romagna. 

And that is exactly why we decided to get up early and go to the beach to watch the sunrise!
We, who like to take photos, do not want to miss this spectacle of nature.

While you are having your leisurely breakfast on the hotel veranda, I will prepare some sandwiches for today’s trip. 

Let’s go to what for me is a real paradise I am really fond of. 

DIRECTION: “Diga di Ridracoli”

An incredibly beautiful place, immersed in the green and silence of the majestic Casentino Forests. 

A wonderful canoe (or if you prefer, boat) tour awaits us. 

After a Picnic in front of this marvel, we go for a dip in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romagna. 



After this day immersed in nature, we return to Cervia for a mega binge of cappelletti and tagliatelle with meat sauce!


This time we go to what can be considered a landscape of rare beauty.
We go to the Parco Delta del Po, a unique environment, a tangle of waterways and wetlands that have formed a sort of alternative geography.

I have already talked about it here.

Today we decide to go horse riding in these truly fascinating places, and we go to this riding school.

After a typical eel sandwich and a glass of wine, we decide to take the boat that takes us into the narrowest water lanes of this incredible landscape.

FOURTH (and last?) DAY

I would have so many other places to show you. 
If you have more days to spend in Romagna I will be happy to schedule the other days 🙂 

In the meantime, for the last day, I want to take you canoeing near the hotel. 
You won’t believe it, but completely immersed in the pine forest, we will reach the Cervia Salt Pans by canoe!!!

If every now and then you too like to treat yourself to a break and the luxury of slow time, given by the rhythm of nature, Romagna is for you 🙂

You will be able to discover hidden, wild paradises that you will only be able to spot by gliding along the water, while remaining just a few kilometres from the nightlife. 

Here are some routes that I have selected for you. 
I have also mentioned them here, in this article.

I hope you had fun 🙂 
Now all that remains is to come to Romagna! I’ll be waiting for you!!

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