Tours of Romagna: what you must see

Tours of Romagna: what you must see

Here is the tour of Romagna you absolutely must try!
Wild landscapes, dinners in restaurants with the most beautiful views of Romagna, unmissable bike tours and much more.


Day 1:

At last you can breathe holiday air!!!

You decide to relax by the sea with a good spaghetti with clams, accompanied by a fresh local white wine.

After a couple of hours of sunbathing and relaxing on your sunbed, you decide to cool off with a nice swim and a few dips.

Towards evening, treat yourself to a romantic dinner in one of Romagna’s most magical restaurants, with a breathtaking view over the whole of Romagna that really makes you dream!

Direction > Bertinoro at “Ca’ de Bé”

Second day:

In the morning you decide to get up a little early and take a beautiful trip to the Valmarecchia.
(I would recommend hiring a motorbike to enjoy the day even more!).
Dress comfortably and, why not, put some sneakers or hiking boots in your rucksack.

You will encounter places that are nothing short of fabulous.

Landscapes of such beauty that they inspired great artists.

Would you like to know who inspired these landscapes in the first place?

Leonardo Da Vinci and Piero Della Francesca!
Just think that in Pennabilli, Leonardo Da Vinci drew the landscape of the Mona Lisa, one of the most visited paintings in the world!

The other Renaissance artist who was completely struck by the beauty of these Marecchia Valley landscapes, as I said, was Piero Della Francesca.

The Balconies of Piero are the viewpoints that inspired the Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca.

After seeing these truly incredible views, you decide to stay in the area and go to one of the best and most typical restaurants; the Locanda dell’Ambra in Talamello.

In the afternoon, overcome with enthusiasm, you venture into the woods along one of the many trekking routes.
In particular, you decide to go to Monte San Severino.
Walking along the Cresta dei Tausani, you arrive at the Dolomites of Romagna, from which you will have a breathtaking view all to yourself: from the Adriatic Sea to the Tuscan hinterland.


In the evening, after a nice regenerating shower, you decide to take a nice walk through the narrow streets of Cervia’s historic centre.

Every evening, there is a market or a particular event that really makes you breathe in the holiday air 🙂

– Obviously I will be able to advise you where to go depending on the day –

Day Three:

After a nice breakfast on the hotel’s veranda surrounded by greenery, you decide to relax for a few hours by the sea.

A walk in the water is just what you need to relax all the muscle tension accumulated during the year.

After a piadina romagnola in the shade of the marvellous pine forest, head to Gabicce around mid-afternoon: one of the most romantic stops on this tour.

You are finally ready to discover the romantic face of this land, the one that takes a break from the euphoria of nightlife and aperitif bars and rediscovers simple pleasures and poetic views which, if shared with good company, are even more beautiful.

Here I recommend hiring mountain bikes to enjoy your trip to the full.
The view from up here is beautiful!
It really makes you dream!

Even simply sitting and admiring the view will give you a memory that you will always carry with you!

Before going to dinner, make a quick stop at the Max Mara outlet 😀 (I said quick, eh :P)

For dinner, head towards Santarcangelo di Romagna, a real pearl of Romagna, at Osteria la Sangiovesa.
Regular customer of the Osteria, was also the great director Fellini, (to whom we owe the restaurant’s coat of arms!).

Here you can taste the real dishes of the traditional cuisine of Romagna, from the homemade piadina to the cold cuts and cheeses of first choice.
Then don’t forget about dessert, here the ice cream is homemade, and it’s delicious!!!

Between one dish and another, don’t forget to take a tour of the restaurant, where each room evokes the history and ancient traditions of Romagna, the culture and art of times gone by.

From the fountain of love in the caves dating back to around the year one thousand, to the small room of the Condomini Theatre, which celebrates the splendour of village theatre. From the dive in the Valmarecchia room to the ancient caveje that beat the time of the oxen.
A spring, named after the legend of Penelope, written by Tonino Guerra, awaits the visitor at the end of the descent. Here many lovers have declared their love!!

Fourth day:

We go to one of the most beautiful and special paradises and locations in Romagna that I personally adore: the Po Delta Park.

Cycling through the heart of the Comacchio Valleys in search of memorable natural scenery: this itinerary lasts just one day but you will remember it for the rest of your life!

After a day immersed in this nature, more unique than rare, after the boat trip, take advantage of the night tours in Ravenna, to discover the history and see its famous mosaics and churches.

After dinner at the “trattoria La Rustica”, a knowledgeable guide will take you on a tour of Ravenna’s treasures.

Day 5:

You enjoy this beautiful sunny day to relax by the sea.

Today you want to enjoy an ice cream and a good book under your parasol, lulled by the sound of the waves.
In the afternoon, take advantage of the perfect breeze and calm sea for a fantastic sailing trip.

Let’s end the day with an adventure that is nothing short of fantastic!

I organised a beautiful canoe tour at sunset, in a wild nature that you would never have imagined could be just a few kilometres from Cervia.

I would have so many other things I love about Romagna to introduce you to and I will be very happy to recommend them to you once you plan your holiday in Romagna!


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